Everything you need to know about veterinary medicines

Over the years, veterinary medicine has made great leaps to keep up with the ever increasing requirements from livestock industry. In this article, we will give you a quick tour around the industry.

What is veterinary medicine?

  • In layman term, veterinary drug is understood as a single substance or a mixture of substances, including pharmaceuticals, vaccines, biological products, microorganisms, chemicals that are safe for animals use. Their main purposes are prevention or treatment of diseases, rehabilitating growth and reproductive systems or diagnosing medical conditions for animals and livestock.

What is veterinary medicine

The role of veterinary drugs in production and animal husbandry

  • In the context of a strongly integrated economy, livestock industry is in desperate needs of a common practice as verinary medicines play an increasingly important role. Veterinary medicines have preventive and curative effects, ensuring valuable and high quality food source from livestocks. Veterinary medicines help animals grow and develop steadily, prevent and control diseases, which in turn would provide high quality animal products for domestic consumption and export.
  • In addition, veterinary medicines play a role in protecting humans from diseases that are directly transmitted from animals. The industry also have an important part to play in the battling climate change, environmental pollution and food safety. Therefore, veterinary science in general and veterinary medicine at large is getting a lot of attention from the public.

What quality standards should veterinary drugs meet?

  • In Vietnam, veterinary drugs need to meet the quality specified in Clause 20, Article 2 of Circular 13/2016/TT-BNNPTNT, issued by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, regulating the management of veterinary drugs.
  • Qualified drug means that it should meets the quality standards registered according to the Pharmacopoeia standard, the National Technical Regulation on veterinary drugs, the national standard on veterinary drugs or the manufacturer's basic standard. Any products in the market must be approved by the manufacturer and by the competent authority.

What quality standards should veterinary drugs meet

Classified veterinary categories on the market

Currently on the market there are many types of veterinary drugs, but the questions on how to use them properly remains to be seen. It goes without saying that veterinary medicine requires high technology advancement to ensure the highest medicinal properties and efficacy. However, they must, be preserved in the right conditions, administered with the correct dosage and adhere stringent instructions.

Knowing what class veterinary drugs belong to will help you understand their effects and usage. Veterinary drugs can be divided into the following groups (according to the dosage form):

  • Veterinary medicine injection
  • Veterinary drugs powder for injection (including lyophilized preparations)
  • Veterinary eye drops
  • Veterinary medicine ear drops
  • Veterinary medicine nasal drops, nasal spray
  • Veterinary medicine powder for drinking or mixing with food
  • Veterinary medicine grannules
  • Veterinary medicine in the form of oral solution
  • Veterinary drugs in the form of oral suspension
  • Veterinary medicine in oral emulsion form
  • Veterinary soft medicine for use on skin and mucous membranes
  • Veterinary drugs in tablet form
  • Veterinary medicine capsules

Current status of veterinary drugs in Vietnam

Medicines could not be treated lightly. The public need a scientific explanation and clear instruction on how to give treatment to livestock. The tightening of management and use of veterinary drugs has become a hot topic in seminars on livestock and veterinary medicine. Among them, the outstanding issues are:

  • Giving treatment, making diagnosis or giving treatment without training or proper qualification 
  • False propaganda about certain type of drugs
  • The overuse of antibiotics, which can build up the tolerance in malignant microorganisms.
  • Labeling and stamping of some imported veterinary medicines in the market that do not adhere to to the provisions of law
  • Storage condition at points of sale is below par due to lack of necessary equipment

    Veterinary medicines play an important role in the requirements of high quality livestock industry

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