Product Development Process of Sanfovet Veterinary Medicines Exporter

Sanfovet, a leading company in the Veterinary Medicine Vietnam industry, adheres to a scientific and rigorous product development process to ensure the quality and safety of its veterinary medicines. This process includes eight steps, from ideation to market launch, helping Sanfovet maintain its reputation as a reliable Veterinary Medicine Exporter. Below is a detailed description of each step in Sanfovet's product development process.

  • Ideation

The first step in the product development is systematically searching for new ideas. Sanfovet's research and development (R&D) team continuously explores and seeks new solutions to address animal health issues. They often organize brainstorming sessions involving industry experts, the marketing team, and strategic partners to generate innovative and groundbreaking ideas. Identifying the market's real needs is crucial in developing appropriate and effective products.

  • Product Definition

After generating innovative ideas, the next step is clearly defining the product. Sanfovet identifies the product's primary characteristics in this phase, including its functions, target users, and legal requirements. This step is vital to ensure that all stakeholders clearly understand the new product. This creates consistency throughout the development process and saves time and costs when the product moves to mass production.

  • Prototyping

Once the product is clearly defined, Sanfovet proceeds to create a prototype. The prototype can be a trial version of the medicine or a 3D model of the product. Creating a prototype allows the company to test and evaluate the feasibility of the product from the early stages. The R&D team tests the prototype under natural conditions to gather data and feedback. This allows them to adjust and perfect the product before moving on to mass production.

  • Detailed Design

The next step in the product development process of Veterinary Medicines Manufacture Sanfovet is detailed design. This phase includes determining detailed technical elements such as chemical composition, specific production processes, and product packaging. Engineers and experts in the veterinary medicine field work closely to ensure that all technical aspects of the product are optimized. This helps improve product quality and ensures feasibility in large-scale production.

  • Validation/Testing

When the detailed design is completed, the product is tested under natural conditions to ensure it performs as expected. Sanfovet conducts rigorous tests in the laboratory and field to evaluate the product's effectiveness and safety. These tests help identify potential issues early on and allow the company to make necessary adjustments before moving to mass production. This stage is essential to ensure the product meets the highest quality standards.

  • New Product Development Process Implementation

After the product has been validated through testing, Sanfovet implements the new product development process. This phase includes setting up the production line, training staff, and preparing related documents. The company also works with suppliers to ensure the raw materials meet the highest quality standards. This implementation ensures that the product is produced efficiently and minimizes risks during production.

  • Limited Scope Testing

Before launching the product to the broader market, Sanfovet conducts limited-scope testing to gather user feedback. This phase usually involves providing the product to a small group of customers or strategic partners for use and evaluation. Feedback from this phase is crucial for improving the product before its official launch. It helps the company identify any remaining issues and make necessary adjustments to ensure the product is perfect when it reaches the end user.

  • Market Launch

Finally, after thorough testing and refinement, Sanfovet officially launched the product to the broader market. This phase includes marketing campaigns, distributing the product to dealers and veterinary pharmacies, and providing customer support services. The company monitors market feedback to adjust and improve the product if necessary. The goal is to ensure that the product meets and exceeds customer expectations.


The new product development process of Sanfovet, a veterinary medicines exporter, is a meticulous and systematic series of steps. Each stage is carried out with high caution and commitment to quality from ideation to market launch. This not only helps Sanfovet maintain its reputation and position in the veterinary medicine manufacturing industry but also ensures that its products always bring optimal value to users. Thanks to this process, Sanfovet has established itself as a leading animal medicines Exporter, effectively meeting the demand for animal medicines in Vietnam in the international market.

This detailed and rigorous process is a critical factor that helps Sanfovet maintain and enhance product quality, affirming its position in the veterinary medicine industry. By adhering to a strict process from ideation to real-world implementation, Sanfovet ensures the safety and efficacy of its products while contributing to the health and welfare of animals worldwide.