Sanfovet opens new Veterinary Medicines Manufacturing Plants in Hanoi

Sanfovet’s new Veterinary Medicines Manufacturing Plants in Lien Phuong industrial zone, Hanoi opened 12th August, 2020.

The new plant is built next to the old factory. There are 3 stories, tally up to a total floor area of 2,200 m2. The first and second floor are for warehouses, office and production line; the third and final floor is for the installation of auxiliary systems.

The plant has been built since 2018 and completed in July, 2020. After that, state agencies and local authority has dispatched inspection teams to evaluate and appraise overall quality. Within a span of a month of assessment, the new plant has officially been put into operation in August.

General Director/Dr. Tran Van Dung commented: “To meet development and production needs, we will increase our production capacity and we can only achieve this by expanding our production facility”.

According to Dr. Tran Van Dung, despite the turmoil, over 70 jobs have been created.

“Regardless of the escalating pandemic and fierce competition from other Veterinary Medicine Manufacturers, we still built this new manufacturing plant. We operate under GMP-WHO guidelines, making us an attractive and internationally competitive partner”, he added. 

The new manufacturing plant will no doubt allow Sanfovet to meet our ambitious and continuous export plants to expand into different regions around the globe.

Let's us take you to a short tour around the production area:

Overview of the production's hall way

Overview of the production's hallway

Drug Preparation System

Dosing & Filling Equipment

Fluid bed Dryer & High speed Grannulator Mixer 

Rocking Mixer

Auxiliary Systems

Auxiliary Systems

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