• Sku: :   20171016-63

VIA.HEPA is a natural herbal oral supplements containing vitamin, amino acid and artichoke extract

Detail information

Composition: Each 100ml contains
Vitamin B5 150 mg
Vitamin PP 600 mg
Lysine          4.000 mg 
Acetyl Methionine  2.000 mg
Artichoke extract  1.500 mg
Sorbitol             56.000 mg
Excipient q.s.f                              100 ml
  • VIA.HEPA helps to improve liver's, kidney's and bile's function in poultry and other animals.
  • VIA.HEPA helps to improve digestion, increase appetite and weight gain as well as increase birth rate.
  • VIA.HEPA is used for intoxicated animals due to prolonged antibiotics treatment.
Admnistration & Dosage:
Product is recommended to use frequently for animals.
Dissolve into drinking water or mix with feed with the following recommended concentration: 2 - 4 ml / 10 kg of b.w / day.
  • Poultry: 1 ml / 3 liters drinking water/day.
  • Rumniants: 20 - 50 ml / 1 liter of water / head / day.
Withdraw period:
Bottle of 1000ml.
Veterinary use only