• Sku: :   20200828-959

Indicated for vitamin E and/or selenium deficiency

Detail information

COMPOSITION: Each 1ml contains
Vitamin E                               100 mg
Sodium selenite 0.45 mg
Excipient q.s.f 1 ml
VITAMIN ES LIQUID is indicated for vitamin E and/or selenium deficiency in calve, lamb, sheep, goat, piglet and poultry. Encephalomalacia (Crazy Chick Disease), muscular dystrophy (White Muscle Disease, Stiff Lamb Disease), exudative diathesis (generalised oedematous condition), decreased hatchability rate. Selenium is a trace element, reducing tissue peroxides and stimulating immunity response. Interaction with vitamin E is sometimes synergistic and sometimes partially substitutive. VITAMIN ES LIQUID prevents or slows down the formation of free radicals and hyper peroxides from poly-saturated fatty acids.
Administration & Dosage:
Oral administration via drinking water with the following recommended dosage:
  • Calve, lamb, sheep, goat, piglet: 10 ml per 50 kg b.w for 5 - 10 days consecutively.
  • Poultry: 1 - 2 ml per litre of drinking water for 5 - 10 days consecutively.
Prepared solution should be consumed within 24 hours.
Withdrawal period:
Bottle of 1 litre.
Veterinary use only

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