ADE.B-Complex (SA)

  • Sku: :   20210330-1125

Customized product for our partner in SA

Detail information

Composition and Analysis: Each 1kg contains
Vitamin A 6.200.000 IU
Vitamin D3 1.000.000 IU
Vitamin E 4000 mg
Vitamin C 5000 mg
Vitamin B1 900 mg
Vitamin B2 1500 mg
Vitamin B5 5000 mg
Vitamin B6 1500 mg
Viatamin B9 130 mg
Vitamin B12 1,2 mg
Purpose of use:
  • Providing supplement essential vitamins that are play important role in animal’s health.
  • Increases the egg production, prolong egg laying time, increase the rate of eggs with embryo and stimulate the development of young eggs in poultry
  • Improves the characteristics and develop the genital organs of cattle such as camel,
  • sheep, goat. Stimulating breeding quickly and increasing the rate of pregnancy.
  • Increasing the milk production and quality of milk in cattles.

Animal Species: Poultry, Camel, Sheep, Goat
Directions for use: Mix in drinking water.
Poultry: 100g/ 500kg b.w or 100g/ 100 litre of drinking water.
Camel, sheep, goat: 100g/ 800kg b.w/ day.