PTSA and Sanfovet highlights 3 years of bilateral co-operation with an award

On February, 2020, our partner – PTSA from Myanmar decided to visit Sanfovet’s factory and management team in Lien Phuong Industrial Zone, Thuong Tin district, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Sanfovet were honored by the presence of Dr. Set Bo, Dr.Kyaw Traime and Mr.Niang from PTSA. From Sanfovet’s side, General Director/Dr. Tran Van Dung represents our management team and gracefully extend a warm welcome to PSTA’s representatives.

During this visit, PTSA and Sanfovet’s management team were to sit down and discuss prospects of the future. Both parties has expressed the desire and plans for the future and both sides agreed on building and strenthening the relation by “growing together through the production of quality products and sustaining a long-lasting business model”.

During the meeting, Dr. Tran Van Dung expessed his gratitude for the visit from PTSA and he mentioned that without PTSA’s contribution, Sanfovet would not have what it has now. To mark this event, Sanfovet proudly presented the “Certificate of Achievement” to PTSA for achieving the sale target in 2019.

By the end of the meeting, Dr. Tran Van Dung wished PTSA good fortune in the future and he also wished that the bilateral co-operation will continue to grow and prove to be fruitful for PTSA and Sanfovet.


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