• Sku: :   20200611-827

A potent anticoccidial medicine

Detail information

Composition: Each 100g contains
Sulfaquinoxaline 20 g
Trimethoprim3 g
Excipient q.s.f100 g
For the treatment of gastrointestinal coccidiosis and small intestine coccidiosis, pasteurellosis, typhoid in poultry. These are a few symtomps: chicks from 25 - 40 days old have bloody diarrhea; chicks over 55 days old have depression, ruffed feather, droopy head, wings, white diarrhea, swollen small intestine and hemorrhage…
Administration & Dosage:
Dissolve into drinking water or mix with feed for 5 days consecutively (or 3 days consecutively, takes 2 days off and then continue the treatment in the next 2 days) with the following recommended concentration: 1 g / 10 kg of b.w/day or 1 litre / 2 litres of drinking water.
Withdrawal period:
Withdraw 5 days before slaughter.
Sachet of 250g.
Veterinary use only

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